The heart and lungs of society’s pulmonary system – the type of structures built for one of humanity’s most integral yet taken for granted life-support systems – are certainly always immense-looking, vast and imposing, but are also comprehensively earmarked by being out of sight and out of mind. Needless to say, though, that’s the way the general population would like them to stay. Off the bat, living near a power station, or dense patch of pylons, or even a substation, is an offput and undesirable to almost everyone. Moreover, each power station in use represents a matter of national security. Power stations and both the preceeding and proceeding infrastructure that see through the delivery of everyone’s electricity supply are at a glance impregnable fortresses, and for obvious good reason. They are somewhat alien to the general public, yet the most vital organ of building one can see across the land. When it comes to this 70s oil-fired station, mainly built out of glass, with colourful cranes and turbines, I don’t see what the big offput is. The Zone is what one makes it by their state of mind.


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