For as long as there has been life, there has been pestilence. With humanity being the discernibly social species it is, with deep-seated emotional dispositions of care and life-preservation, for an historian perhaps one of the most basic fields of study about any occurance of culture and society is how they treat their disabled, their ill, and their individuals at risk of death. Part and parcel, studying the many varieties of huge, sprawling structural facilities built for this process of care to take place within are places where finer details of bygone healthcare practices are hard to find, and easy to lose. Broadly speaking large, Victorian asylums several years abandoned- are somewhat of a treasure chest in this regard. But occasionally it is difficult for one to make something of a study. This room struck me as overtly enigmatic; bed frame next to the kitchen, telephone pole in the middle, and comprehensively curtained windows that look out only unto another corridor. Pardon?

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