I am not the first to remark that vantage points suspended directly overhead in some of the world’s most cavernous halls are sought after points from which to stay alert to the surrounding movements and noises of the Zone. Behemoth power stations of the ’60s-’80s were built by hand down to the finest detail. Most were built by companies whose expertise lay in the bridge building sector. One can more often than not find their watermark on the gantry cranes of the turbine halls. Arrol of Glasgow – like many industrial revolution-era firms a family business of a pioneering Northern engineer – was bought out and lost its identity just two years after finishing the job here. This brought to a close a rich portfolio of building bridges all the way from the iconic Forth River’s down to trans-mountain highway bridges in colonial Lesotho.

NewZeroCroydon, Slaya, Brewtal

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