After life on earth came out of the water and into the garden, it took to the air. Nowadays, human productivity when it comes to aviation is amongst our most awesome achievements. It’s estimated that around 10,000, man-steered and man-made planes are performing heavier than air flight at any given time, and entire nations have been defended from invasion based largely on the dexterity of pilots and aircraft. Whilst heads of state in 2018 threaten to mobilise nuclear weapons at the sight of an opinionated Tweet, if any commercial airboune craft, registered in any country, requests permission for an emergency landing in any country, regardless of their political relations, they will be allowed to land safely and personnel on the ground will make sure any problems are rectified switfly. Of course, technological turnover for one of the world’s biggest polluting and finite-resource-consuming commercial sectors, alongside the force which constitutes the first layer of most states’ war machines, is rapid. Designs once deemed the absolute best in the business now retain higher value in the scrapyard than the air force, and some somehow simply stray onto unknown terrain. Here on the aerodrome of dreams, is a Warsaw Pact Sukhoi Su-22M, which strikes a visitor as the alpha male amongst the rest of the aircraft pack with its vicious looking peto.

FreshwaterAlgae, Fiesta@aMotive

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