April 2018 here departed the life of a most cherished Zone thereinafter those that enjoyed it regularly underwent a kind of bereavement. 5 minutes walk from where I grew up, sunken in a sort of crater-like valley next to a steep hill and a housing estate, it was not on the radar of anyone outside of the immediate locals, who didn’t care for it at all. We adopted it as our kind of second home through much of adolescence. Acquaintances from far and wide, girlfriends, even family members, knew full well what the Pool was all about. It represented for myself and old local friends the base, the rock, the humbling cubby hole, the patient zero of this business. After a decade of abandonment, the land was sold to developers who in a matter of a week in April 2018 turned it into what can only be described as a quarry. It will always be remembered.

FreshwaterAlgae, Fiesta@aMotive, Mannan, RL, JC, Shona, many others

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