Personally speaking my ties with central Croydon’s Nestle Tower go back a long way. Back in the naive schooldays of trying to navigate whatever was lying around one’s hometown, a 22 storey, quintessentially brutalist corporate tower block was something of a fantastical treat. Access through a vent, crevice, and extensive basement labyrinth, was the most exciting thing in the game for a while, and smuggling in large squads for beer and smoke seshes on the roof was not seldom practiced. Alas, its bare concrete cavern interior has now begun a process to satisfy London’s burgeoning housing demand, and our hometown hero has lost its mojo. Some unforgettable moments include the very first time we made our way to the top floor only to disturb three pigeons from their roost, who consequently flew frantically around the space before all three of them crashing into windows in quick succession to their deaths by blunt impact. The huge Nestle logo of 3 birds in a nest logo on the side of the building felt like a real coincidence.


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