“The Zone must be respected, otherwise it will punish. The Zone is a very complex system of traps.. I don’t know what it’s like when there is no one here, but as soon as humans appear, everything begins to move. Former traps disappear, new ones appear. Safe places become impassable, and the way flitters between easy and confusing beyond words. You might think it’s capricious but at each moment The Zone is just what we’ve made it by our state of mind. Some people have had to turn back empty-handed after going half-way. Some perished at the threshold of The Room. Whatever happens here, depends not on the Zone, but on us… Tell me, Professor, why did you get involved in this business? What’s the Zone to you? …Well, no one has a conception about the Zone, so it will be a sensation.”




1. The Right Side of the Fence

2. The Wrong Side of the Fence

3. The Room





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